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The Glamour Booth

A.K.A. - The "Kardashian" Booth

Get a taste of the lavish celebrity lifestyle with XO Photo’s Glamour Booth.  It’s just like the booths that your favorite reality show celebrities use.

For them, less is more.  They find props, colored curtains and other gimmicks distasteful...They want the focus to be on just themselves, and they always look fabulous!  And now so can you!  We include our decadent Oscar Night Red Carpet Package.  So, you’ll bask in the glow of your new found celebrity as you walk the runway on the red carpet, past the red velvet ropes and golden stanchions, just like the famous do. 

For XO Photos Glamour Booth we set up a white tension fabric backdrop.  (It's a pure white flat curtain with no ruffles.)  We then add studio-type external lighting to bring out your best features.  XO employs a Super Hi-Res digital camera that takes a large megapixel photo.  We zoom in for the close up and use special filters and processing to help remove any lines or small wrinkles. (You never looked better!)   Finally, you and your guests may choose Black & White or Color photos...and "Voila!"  XO creates a candid celebrity red carpet moment with you as the star!   

The XO Photo Glamour Booth is perfect for weddings or other formal occasions, birthdays, bridal showers and just any event where you want to look your best!